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What a fun way to make your own little personalized hats though, right? Cheap too. But I just had to sew up a few in baby boy styles too. Just for fun. You can totally have them. Sound good? You can always pick it off and pretend you made it.

But the boy ones are up for grabs. Any takers? First of all, you need sweaters. I have found that the best sweaters to use are the ones with ribbing along the bottom. That will give you a nice snug brim for the hat. Look in your closets, check out the hand-me-down pile, or look at your local thrift store. Then, line up the bottom edges of the sweater the front and back and then cut out a nice rounded hat shape. Click here and here for other hat examples. To make the argyle hat, cut two diamond shapes and iron some fusible adhesive onto the back more help with that here.

Iron the diamonds down onto the front hat piece and then stitch around each diamond, attaching it to the sweater. Next, place the 2 hat pieces together, with right sides together. Stitch all along the curve of the hat. Then either sew another straight stitch next to the first one……or sew a zig-zag stitch. Sometimes sewing a zig-zag on woven sweater material can stretch it out, so increase your stitch length so that it jumps over more fabric.

Otherwise, just stick to another straight stitch. Then trim the excess edges. Press flat with an iron and steam and that rippling will flatten out and sort of suck back into place. Turn the hat right side out and then press again. To make the pink hat with a bow, cut the hat pieces out the same way. Then fold the top and bottom edge of the strip towards the back. Then turn that strip over and lay across the bottom edge of the front hat piece.

Sew along both ends, attaching the strip to the hat. Then, cut another little strip of sweater, wrap it around the center of the strip that you just attached to the hat. Then hand sew the two ends of that small strip closed, making sure that the strip is nice and snug, pulling the bow into a nice shape. Rotate the hand-sewn edges to the back side of the bow. Then sew the front and back hat pieces together to create your hat, just like shown above. For the pom-pom hat, sew your hat together like the hats above……. Then group your little pieces together and then tie thread around the middle, nice and tight.

Knot it closed. Then bend all the little pieces upward and then wrap thread around the bottom, forcing the little pom-pom pieces to sit upwards. For many weeks, we've been planning on going on a mock "Polar Express" train ride. You know how the book goes We're headed to the lake with nice sandy beaches So I have been on the hunt for some Sun Hats for the kiddos that…. This post was written by my foodie sister Robin, who is now sharing all of her favorite recipes and kitchen tips regularly on the new…. So cute! I need to go thrifting!!! I would love either of those boy hats, they would be so cute on my little man and he is probably just the right size right now!

Love them! I would love either of those boy hats. I just found out my 3 due in June is a boy- so a 9mo hat will be perfect for next winter in Chicago! They are so cute…and definitely making me rethink my Goodwill pile. Wow, those are adorable. Adorable, I have a pile of old sweaters to try this on! I have a baby boy on the way and would love one of the boy hats!

I have a 7 month old cutie Who could use a hat! I would love to have one of the boy hats! They are so adorable!

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Thanks for sharing! Love the hats! You always come up with such cute ideas and make them so easy for us to make also. I do have a little man that would look adorable in either of those hats! You never cease to come up with super cute things! My little guy 5 mo is so big that all the mo hats are too small, the boy ones would be so cute on him! I may have to go raid my closet for old sweaters…. I would absolutely love one of those boy hats! Thanks for all of your great tutorials, I try things from your blog all the time and will surely have to try this myself either way!

What a fun idea! I love these. I would love one of the boy ones. I will have to try this for sure. Thanks for doing boy ones too so I can have ideas! Ohh I would love the little boy hats for my nephew!! I love your creations! You inspire me to hang onto old clothes. My little boy would look darling in one of these hats! I hope you pick my name!! I love these! I would love to have a cute little hat for him! From one Arizona girl who has been living here in Seattle for four years to another. We normally get two weeks of summer here.

These are absolutely adorable! I would LOVE to have one of these hats for one of my new babies! I love these and I would love one of the boy hats… it would deff come in handy!! Thanks for this great tutorial! Also, where did you get your little girls little pink boots? I need some of those for my little one!

Our 9 month old grandson would be even cuter in one of these hats! We would be thrilled to receive one for him. I would love one of the boy hats. They are all adorable! Thanks for posting the instructions for making these cute hats! Love your little tag, and hope baby is feeling better! Glad your little one is on the mend! I, I mean my son, would love one of those adorable hats and I would totally leave the tag on!

It would be like a signature from my favorite blog lady. Hope your little lady starts feeling better. My son is about to get his bottom two teeth so we are right there with you. What a great DIY repurposing project to make! Would love the boy hat for my baby! Perfect size for him! Absolutely adorable hats! Love these! I have a little boy due to arrive in less than a month!

I love those big wooden buttons, and I think I will try those argyle diamonds on a little onesie. I have a holy cashmere sweater that was going to be thrown out — hooray for re-purposing! Would love to have one of these cute little hats for my photography business. I am always looking for something cute for my baby boys as there is so much to choose from for girls. These are adorable! Good job! Those are so adorable. Time to go look for some old sweaters!!

I would love one of the cute boy ones!!! Your stuff is always so amazing. These are sooo cute. Pinned them immediately. My little guy is too big for your hats, but it is so sweet that you are giving them away. Well good thing nothing is safe from your scissors because these are awesome!!!! Even seem like something a non sewer like myself could tackle. Love the pink bow one but that are all fabulous! At 38 yrs old. While my youngest is still in diapers.

But a baby is a blessing anytime, right? Pray for me. And, maybe pick me for a hat. I have a new baby boy with a rather large head lucky me! He was born with a decent amount of hair but has lost nearly all of it! Love everything you do. Thanks for the giveaway! They are so cute! We live just outside of Denver and got some snow this morning, so we could use a hat!

I would love to have one of your creations! And the fact that my little boy is due ANY day… maybe coming today the way I am feeling… a month size hat would be perfect for next winter! And of course… I would leave that tag on it! I received so many compliments! Thanks for the inspiration! Hey Ashley! I would LOVE those little boy hats! Any chance you want to send them to Alberta???? I love this idea! I have just been chopping up some of my old tops for skirts for my daughter!

We hope this helps! Happy knitting! I love to knit berets and wide brim hats - I just like to knit hats because I love hats apparently so much that my H on my keyboard is about to leave me! I love boots too, and if I could knit those I'm looking for a knitted ponytail hat pattern Hope this helps!

I am looking for a Santa Hat pattern done with 2 needles not circular needles using knitting worsted weight yarn. I am looking for a pattern for a knitted hat with 5 yarn. I want to keep it simple and knit it in the round. Any suggestions? Looking for a pattern for the angora hats with ties from the late 50s, early 60s.

Looking for a knit pattern for a "bun hat," on that has an opening at the top for a pony tail. Wonderful hats but how to download the 61 patterns please? Keeps sending me round in circles but no download button. Hello joanannmortimer 97 ! You will have to click on the individual pattern you want to download. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to download all 61 patterns at once.

Is it possible to download these patterns as a complete eBook? Hello Av8nlady! If you type in "Lacy Downton Abbey Wrist Warmers" in the search bar in the top left of the page, you will be able to find that pattern. Hi marslaska ! Can you describe the hat a bit more? I loved these hats so many, I can't wait to get started. But thank you so much for the hats. Hi careydavis67 26! Thank you so much for the kind words and support!

Hats made from Old Sweaters (nothing is safe from my scissors…ha!)

We're so happy you enjoy these patterns and thank you for sharing our site with others. Hi mejalford , Unfortunately that pattern is no longer available on our site. We're sorry for the inconvenience. You may find it on the designer's website www. Winters Hat. Hi glhjdh81 , You may be interested in this children's hood: www. Hi mejalford , That pattern is called the Butterfly Beret. Please find it here: allfreeknitting. Are any of them available anywhere else? Hi sandeleh, Thanks for notifying us! We have updated the pattern links. Please find them above.

Hi sandeleh, Thank you for notifying us! Please find the updated pattern links above. I would like to see a double knit mittens. It resembles a "Brioche" stitch. They are fast and easy to make. When you says my answer will be posted, where am I to find where it will be posted? Why am I not able to print the patterns for the above hats or one in particular? My Mom is the knitter in the family, but she has no computer.

I signed up to be able to give her the description and patterns for the hats. Who cares if you have pop ups on your site? I just ignore them if I am not interested. There are plenty of sites that are advertisement supported to keep them free. So thank you "allfreeknitting.

15 Adorable Baby Hat Crochet Patterns

I thought I had seen a hat that looked like a lace swirl hat but was made with a knitting loom?.. Is there such a hat??.. I guess I just have a good pop-up blocker, because I don't have that problem on this site. Also, if you want something for free, you have to expect to 'pay' for it somehow. I have found countless wonderful patterns here, and will stay subscribed forever! This site is far too commercial with all the pop up ads and the like.

Free patterns doesn't mean free patterns with advertizing attached. I will unsubscribe ASAP. Hi marilynlennis, Like most web sites, we are advertising supported just like radio and TV. We do not charge to subscribe to our newsletters or create accounts for the web site. Sorry marilynlennis, but I find your comment a bit too self-serving and lacking knowledge. What part of 'free patterns' aren't you understanding? Do you simply not comprehend just what is involved to bring you and the rest of us those free patterns? Do you seriously think it costs the site owners nothing at all to provide them?

I can't imagine that you're an adult with such abject lack of knowledge about how the world works so can only think you're both young and a new knitter. In order to do so they must have 'some' sources of funding, i.

Otherwise there is one alternate solution I can think of: frequent your local library where you might find some books with patterns as I once did, or spend money and BUY patterns or knitting books! For a beginner who doesn't know what is what it's difficult to find a pattern that's easy to start out with. Especially since you can't see them.

Granddaughter 16 had serious head injuries in accident - need to knit headbands for her. Any free patterns? It would really be helpful if the pictures were shown of the hats. A lot of time is wasted opening each link, then finding that that isn't the kind of hat, then opening another I completely agree - to be able to see the designs would save so much time. I find it very frustrating to have to open each link.

The Free pattern will come up for WR Time for another rant about this site - sorry. Your list of patterns says "31 Hat Patterns for the Winter. Why can't you just show the pictures of the hats all in one place instead of following one link after another and ending up wanting to pull your hair out? I wanted to check out the Waffel Hat pattern but can't find it I decided to try "Save Pattern" thinking it would show up, but NO, that didn't work either. Honestly, if it wasn't that you do have some nice patterns that you can actually FIND, I wouldn't waste my time and my hair!

This is one of the if not THE hardest craft sites to navigate. It has to be easier than this. I'd love to have the pattern for the Waffel hat, but I've pulled out enough hair for one day! Hi barbra Somebody must have fixed the link to the waffel hat pattern. Good luck and happy knitting Hi, barbra I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing the pattern you desire.

Yarn by Weight

I was just able to access the pattern for the Waffel Hat without trouble. Then, once you're there, there should be a "Click here for the knitting pattern" link just like on any of our pages. If you click that link, a new window should open with the pattern in full on the designer's website. Please let us know if you continue to experience difficulty. Hi rae , We do not have any men's ski hat pattern.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I am looking for a pattern for a mens ski hat. There is a pattern that may be what you want at "Warmth for Warriors". It is also known as a helmet liner. I've made several for them. They are a volunteer organization knitting and crocheting hats for soldiers serving overseas. Good luck. Hi, everyone. You can find more free hat patterns by clicking on the "Knit Hats" tab under "Categories" along the left-hand side.

These tabs are there to help you navigate the site and find what you're looking for among all of our free knitting patterns. You can also try typing keywords into our "Search" box in the upper right side of the web page. Can't find a single one would appretiate an explanation. I love the patterns Iam looking for a spider web pattern without the spider for a beanie.

Thanks for the help returning to knitting after a few 24 years. Free patterns really help.

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Hi paknitter-- We just tested the links on our end and they all seem to be opening without a problem. Please check your internet settings and make sure there is nothing blocking the patterns, such as pop-ups. We apologize for the inconvenience, --Editor of AllFreeKnitting.

I can't get anything on this site to open for me so I can see the directions. Can anyone give a clue as to waht might be wrong. There are more pictures, just click on the pattern name for the pattern and a picture with the hat on a head. Look beautiful I realy want to learn how to start thank you so much for show it to me. Are you sure you would like to report this comment? It will be flagged for our moderators to take action. The classic Art Deco period style meets knitting in this s-inspired pattern.

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