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M alliaris , A. P atinkin , D on : Essays on and in the Chicago Tradition. P reston , A. S chultz , T heodore W. S hackleton , J. S hone , R onald : Applications in Intermediate Microeconomics. Volume 36 , Issue 1. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. Share Give access Share full text access.

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Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Learn more Check out. P anchamukhi , P. Volume 36 , Issue 1 February Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Exclusion through Citizenship and the Geopolitics of Austerity more. Ungleichheit als Feminisierung. Dynamics of Inequalities in a Global Perspective more. The definition of global inequality used here transcends Euro- and US-centric models of linear development and comparisons of national income and its distribution to explain how complex socioeconomic hierarchies, including — but not limited to — class, reinforce inequalities among social groups around the globe.

View on csi. Unequal and gendered. Notes on the Coloniality of Citizenship more. Zum Mechanismus eines knappen Gutes more. Von nachholender Entwicklung zu nachhaltiger Unterentwicklung. Romanian History , Politische Ideengeschichte , and Entwicklungsforschung. Was ist Entwicklungsforschung? Eine zentrale theoretische Rolle spielt dabei die Kritik an westlichen Konzeptualisierungen der Moderne vor dem Hintergrund der kolonialen Erfahrung mit dem britischen Kolonialismus, insbesondere in Indien, sowie mit dem iberischen Kolonialismus, insbesondere in Lateinamerika.

View on ashgate. Commodification of Citizenship.

(Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Leipzig)

Global Inequalities and the Modern Transmission of Property more. Conventional sociological understandings conceive of modern social arrangements as being defined by achieved characteristics. By contrast, recent legal and sociological scholarship on global inequalities has shown how citizenship—an By contrast, recent legal and sociological scholarship on global inequalities has shown how citizenship—an ascribed characteristic—is a central mechanism ensuring the maintenance of high between-country inequality in the modern world-system.

In line with this newer literature, this chapter argues that the widening of the worldwide inequality gap is paralleled by an increase in the commodification of citizenship. Citizenship is thus shown to be a core mechanism not only for the maintenance of global inequalities, but also for ensuring their reproduction in the postcolonial present. Second Slavery vs. Second Serfdom. Local Labor Regimes of the Global Periphery more. Exclusion through Citizenship more.

View on digital-development-debates. The Many Non-Wests. Marx's Global Modernity and the Coloniality of Labor more. Multiple Europes and the Politics of Difference Within more. View on globalstudies. Two-Way Street. View on link. Sociological conceptualizations of capitalism, modernity, and economic development as due only to factors endogenous to Western Europe have been prominent targets of postcolonial criticism.

Instead of an over-the-board condemnation of Instead of an over-the-board condemnation of classical sociology as a whole or of the work of one classic in particular, the present article zooms in on Max Weber's theory of ethnicity from a postcolonial perspective in order to pinpoint the absences, blind spots and gestures of exclusion that Weber's classical analysis has bequeathed to the sociology of social inequality more generally and to the sociology of race and ethnicity in particular.

Through a reconstruction of Weber's conceptual and political take on race and ethnicity, the article links Weber's general social theory with his particular views on racial and ethnic matters and reveals both as historically and politically situated. Using Weber's canonical treatment of ethnicity as a test case, the article ends by suggesting that postcolonial critique can prove sociological theory more generally as built upon unwarranted overgeneralization from a particular standpoint constructed as universal. View on emeraldinsight. For Jozsef Borocz being 60 more.

Being any age, even such a "round number" as 60, is not a virtue but a condition. I am honored and humbled.

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To access it, View on polanyiresearchcen. Decolonizing European Sociology more. View on books. Handbuch Entwicklungsforschung more. Entwicklungssoziologie , soziale Ungleichheit , Armut , Entwicklungspolitik , Kolonialismus , and Postkoloniale Theorie.

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Globale, multiple und postkoloniale Modernen Flyer more. View on hermes.

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Siegfried Lamnek, Manuela Boatca Hrsg. Geschlecht-Gewalt-Gesellschaft more. From Neoevolutionism to World-Systems Analysis. Book Reviews. Knowledge Production in Africa. Global Inequalities beyond Occidentalism.

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By Faisal Garba more. In recent years, significant epistemic and methodological interest has focused on understandings of global inequality. This interest is marked by a shift from comparative measures of national poverty and its elision of the strategic role This interest is marked by a shift from comparative measures of national poverty and its elision of the strategic role of the global South, to a focus on supra-and transnational processes of production and reproduction centered in a critique of methodological nationalism. Her argument is particularly attentive to the contributions of German and Latin American scholars, respectively.

The volume is organized around two broad debates on inequality that characterizes the sociological enterprise: one offered by Marx and political economy and a second by Weber and his attention to historical comparison. In so doing, she contests the centrality of processes of proletarianization and mobility that undergird most sociological discussions of inequality.

Instead, she explores identity as a central dimension of social relations and constitutive of processes of global inequality. Her argument thus reintroduces North American scholars to the significance of the Bielefeld perspective for contemporary imaginings of capitalist accumulation and feminist understandings of gender inequalities , she also challenges those who engage the domestic labor debate and dual systems theory that maintain the production—reproduction distinction and thereby fail to engage relations of patriarchy and capitalism as co-constitutive.

She argues not only for altering the unit of analysis in understanding global processes, which has been a major contribution of world systems theory, but also for building a relational analytic. The End of Exploitation and Exclusion? Southern Theory by Raewyn Connell more. L'Europe au mirroir de la Chine more. Critical race scholarship has long been looking at specific contexts from a global comparative perspective.

These studies mainly focused on nation-states and broader supranational polities, detecting converging and diverging trends and These studies mainly focused on nation-states and broader supranational polities, detecting converging and diverging trends and configurations of racial beliefs, discourses, policies and practices.

Concomitantly, critical race scholarship is punctuated by brilliant studies focusing on urban settings, uncovering ethnographically the making and unmaking of localised racial partitioning and hierarchies. The session aims to address this lack, by bringing together critical race scholars and critical urban scholars in a mutually empowering dialogue toward exploring a global cartography of racial urbanities.

We ask — How can the relationships between race and the urban be addressed from a global perspective? How can urban comparison contribute to shed light on a comparative cartography of race, and by extension racism, globally? Reversely, how can comparative studies on race and racism in the city contribute to a better understanding of urbanities globally? We are interested in both empirical and theoretical papers addressing these and related questions.

View on youtube. Wissenssoziologie , Hochschulforschung , Internationale Beziehungen , Wissenschaftsforschung , and Hochschulpolitik. Call for Papers. The resulting conceptualization of empires and nation-states as mutually exclusive and chronologically discrete political formations and of the nation-state as the modern norm generated its own anomalies.

There are no fees for conference participants. In case you cannot cover the accommodation please let us know as we are able to cover it for up to 5 speakers based on need and by request. Independent researchers or junior researchers will be given priority with accommodation. The conference proper will take place on the 9th and 10th of August with a welcome dinner on the 8th and community activities on the 11th.

If you would like to participate, please send us your title, a words abstract and your affiliation in English by the 18th of May to telciuconferences gmail. The Summer School is designed around longer seminars and other cultural and artistic activities and has a more open structure as the Summer Conference.

If you would like to participate, the Summer School has a separate registration process that will be open from March. However, please let us know if you would like to stay for the Summer School as well. Publication Date: Call PEWS more. Conference Theme De-Linking: Critical Thought and Radical Politics Delinking as a counterstrategy in a structurally unequal world-system has featured prominently in different social science approaches to radical emancipatory politics, Conference Theme De-Linking: Critical Thought and Radical Politics Delinking as a counterstrategy in a structurally unequal world-system has featured prominently in different social science approaches to radical emancipatory politics, from dependency theory and world-systems analysis to decolonial thought.

Understood as self-reliance or autonomous development of the peripheries Amin , as anti-or deglobalization Bello , as a choice between dewesternization and decolonization Mignolo or, more recently, as a comprehensive move to " depatriarchalise, de-racialise, de-tribalise, decolonise, de-im-perialise and democratise " Ndlovu-Gatsheni , the notion of delinking has mobilized critical thought and political imaginations alike.

At the same time, an overemphasis on delinking entails the risk of overlooking linkages and multi-directional interactions beyond the modern world-system, or the uneven dynamics of inter-imperiality Doyle The 43 rd annual conference on the Political Economy of the World-System revisits approaches to de linking and the con-cept's past and present re formulations as economic, sociopolitical, epistemic and cultural paths to pluriversality and a polycentric world. It welcomes both theoretical and empirical treatments of processes of linking and delinking as well as methodological reflections on the terms' potential for the political economy of the world-system.

The Caribbean as a space of de linking The Caribbean has been the site of the most radical acts of delinking from the capitalist world-economy, the Haitian and the Cuban revolutions, both of which have been central to the political imaginary of dependency theorists and decolonial scholars alike. At the same time, more than half of today's remaining colonies of Western Europe and the United States are located in the Caribbean, making the region the one with the longest colonial linkages in the history of the world-system.

We invite papers that take Caribbean experiences as a starting point for exploring the tension between processes of linking and delinking at the level of political structures, epistemic projects, and socioeconomic transformation. The Balkans' inter-imperial linkages Since the breakdown of Yugoslavia, the term 'Balkanization' has gained currency as a synonym for fragmentation and disaggregation, particularly of state structures , but also of social, economic, and religious orders.

We are interested in papers that zoom in on the experience of inter-imperial dynamics and. The conference aims to fill in these gaps and reexamine the basis on which comparative research on imperialism and the legacies of the Great War rest. It calls for complementary comparative work and invites papers that deal with various It calls for complementary comparative work and invites papers that deal with various parts of Eastern Europe as spaces of inter-imperiality Laura Doyle where imperial powers overlapped.

How do economic, political and social structures become legible in relation to multiple, conflicting empires generating different and competing imperialisms?

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How did the imperial difference Madina Tlostanova between traditional empires shape national, religious, and ethnic self-understandings and the resulting conflicts? How did multi- and inter-imperial relations impact the integration of these spaces into the capitalist world-economy? To apply for the conference, please submit a title and an abstract of your paper max words in English to telciuconferences gmail. Romanian scholars are requested to send the abstract also in Romanian. We will inform you about our decision by the 15th of May, The organizers will cover meals for the speakers as well as free accommodation for maximum 6 speakers, based on need and by request.


The 5 th Annual Telciu Summer Conference focuses on the intertwined topics of rurality, modernity, and de coloniality. The concepts of modernity and rurality remain theoretically and analytically contested. Nevertheless, our premise is