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I would love to hear what you think. Do they get to you? Chris Chapman scandalousgrace Twitter Biggercoat2 aol. I am super busy and do not get to comments as frequently as I would like to. I do try to read them all though. That seems likely.

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I came across this in my search for answers because I recently heard a Messianic Jew saying that they were clothed in light originally and that God did not commit the first murder to make them clothes, but that it was actually human skin he made for them. I had never heard that before. I have found so many different views and theories on this subject since I started to search! Some of the explanations are very plausible and even sound very good, but unless it is backed up by scripture, I think it is dangerous to infer something and state it as fact. One thought or question I have had all along, and am very surprised to see no mention of, is this….

This would not require the death of an animal. Again, I only wonder if it is a possibility and am not trying to infer anything. I mainly wonder if the origional hebrew could be interpreted that way, or if the wording does not allow for that at all. I suppose it is possible. There is very little we know about what actually happened here, and so it is wrong to be too dogmatic about any interpretation of these events.

Sorry for possibly coming across as dogmatic, but I tend to think that if it looks like a bee, buzzes like a bee, makes honey like a bee, then it probably is a bee, right? It seems to me that if the answer seems to be actually kind of obvious, then it most probably is. God says that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The pattern after all is Christ and Him crucified. Jesus actually died! And God knows the beginning through to the end.

Mankind is who God in Christ is trying to save here, so animals were the sacrifice for sin leading up to Christ. The Abrahamic covenant must also include the shedding of blood, as would too the sin offering for Adam and Eve and for Cain and Abel. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master.

I think you would be on shakey ground theologically to not assume some sort of animal sacrifice here, surely?!? And certainly if you though anything else but animal skins were used — shakey. Could it have been just wool or fur used? If ever you have tried to skin an animal or seen it done, then you will know that there is usually blood involved as you would normally have to kill the animal first.

He is not after all, going to just stand around while you skin him alive, is he? Once again, sorry if I come across as dogmatic, but that is just what I believe, and I believe it is also fairly obvious what happened.

An unexpectedly sweet use for fig leaves

Of course, people are entitled to their own opinion. That is just mine. Did God mean what he said in chapter 2? I am convinced substitution and the death of an animal is in view here. I completely agree with the final comment here. They ate from the tree so a sacrifice was made. A punishment was shown. Adam and Eve both had to be clothed and yes the skins of animals are not going to be easily made into an item of clothing. Chris Chapman I love the parallel between the rib with Adam and Jesus with the shedding of blood. My struggle with accepting the view that God killed animals in Gen is to make God the author of the shedding of blood in this world.

It was then a small step then for Cain to follow this in killing Abel. It is therefore ok for us to use violence in overcoming what we deem to be evil in this world. This seems to be a problem with this line of theology. It promotes violence and shedding of blood since it began with God. Jeremy, I came back to this post because of a comment.

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I started looking at it a little more and I took it one further. In a world without meat eaters what good is a dead sheep? This is an excellent point. Did you write up something more about this? I would like to read the results of your study. That can only be inferred by reading backward from later in the book. Read chronologically, the book does not teach that.

Chronologically, God who is the all powerful creator of the universe and earth, creates man like him. Skin can mean;skin of a plant too. Skin means the material which covers any body type; animal or plant. Adam and Eve had bodies of light. When they sinned, they tried to take the leaves from the fig tree the tree they ate from to cover themselves.

God clothed them with the skin of the Nachash. Rich Adam and eve were flesh and blood made from dust the idea that they were light conflicts with scripture. They may well have been surrounded by some form of light as righteousness is referred to as light or as clothing.

Which they lost when they sinned But they themselves were as we are physical beings not etheral spirits. If these views were found in the Bible they would be considered truth, otherwise they are opinion and tradition. There is no reason to believe that Adam and Eve were created with a body other than like we have. As far as the clothing or skins that Adam and Eve were given its difficult to confirm what they were. What i thought was important was that it was a covering that God supplied even though his children had rejected him and gone there own way.

He never rejected them nor did he lose his love for them and still cared for them. God loves us just the same even when we go our own way just like the prodical son. Our Bible often requires us to conclude our own interpretations in Scripture. This is maybe why there are many denominations and religions. However it is a way to have a personal relationship with our Savior. This is a time to think it not correct to say anyone is right or that anyone is wrong in how they believe. And I can only say this is what I see. Thank you for allowing me to comment with my thoughts.

I like to sometimes gather some thoughts from a Hebrew Interlinear. I go on the Internet for a free one. Bang there it is. We read about the great things that come by knowing and having the light of God to see and understand with.

However light can be an image and Spirit can be a likeness. Now we should know the earth is a very dark place and will be that way again someday. Without them the earth is as black as can be. Now in this verse and the next verse Vs. It was at this time I had decided to search out image and looking at the Hebrew I saw it was light. Image can very well be light.

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This is all in chapter one and it is the beginning, the first, I noticed the last was found in Rev. I believe Adam and Eve were imaged with light. If they had a image of light they constantly would be able to see their surroundings and if bright enough would keep animals at bay.

It would be difficult to hide especially at night or in other words the cool of the day. That is what we are made of and that part of us will decay back to dust. Born out of a passion for exceptional food and gracious service, Ward brings an easygoing elegance to one of Louisville's historic neighborhoods. Chef Shawn Ward's down-to-earth approach to upscale dining utilizes the freshest local ingredients in dishes that showcase the peak flavors of the season in simple yet unexpected ways.

Lunch and dinner menus are accompanied by a full complement of wines and seasonally changing cocktails, while an extensive beer list features selections from some of the area's outstanding microbreweries. Guests are invited to enjoy drinks and a small plate menu in the restaurant's lounge and patio areas. Bittner's of Louisville redesigned the space with reclaimed wood, rich upholstery and brass accents for a warm and intimate experience.

Shawn K. Our future is made insecure by the slow pace at which we are removing carbon from the atmosphere, and our limited capacity to adapt to the resulting climatic change. The good news is that fig trees can help us to do both. The views expressed are those of the author s and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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