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Make note of the work required for each member to create and maintain a united, gospel-centered family. Recognize how you can strengthen relationships within your family. Look for the assurance and comfort found in the sidebar to the right. Truly, every section in For the Strength of Youth relates directly to and would improve family relationships. As the standards and commandments are followed by each member, they will feel an increase of love for each other, be blessed with the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and qualify for sacred temple ordinances and covenants that will bless families now and eternally.

I have heard touching testimonials by young women who have worked on the third value experience in the Divine Nature section of Personal Progress, where young women are asked to make a special effort to strengthen their family relationships for two weeks young men can find a similar plan in F ulfilling My Duty to God [], 80— I love my sister, and it happened in just two weeks! Because it has made me so happy!

Pray and seek confirmation through the Spirit as to the importance of family. Be patient and watchful.


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2. God’s Word tells us to share our hope as a believer

Your Response characters remaining Share your experience. Youth Menu. In his commentary on Titus, John MacArthur highlights another vital element that believers too often overlook: the evangelistic value of their own, transformed lives. For a person to be convinced that God can save him from sin, he needs to be shown someone who has been saved from sin and who, as far as possible, lives a life separated from sin.

For a person to be convinced that God can miraculously provide us with love, peace, and happiness, he needs to be shown someone who now radiates those blessings.

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We need to be living testimonies of the grace that saved us and the Spirit that refines into Christlikeness. In his letter to Titus, the apostle exhorts specific groups of believers—divided by age and gender—to exhibit character qualities befitting their transformed lives, for the purpose of adorning the gospel through their testimonies. Whether the children are born to the couple or are adopted, they are to be loved with a love that, like the love of spouses for each other, should be selfless and sacrificial. As with love for their husbands, love for their children is not an option.

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The most important responsibility of love for believing parents is to lead their children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Young mothers are to love their children in every way—practical, physical, social, moral, and spiritual—with a love that has no conditions and no limits. This love, to be fully expressed, is extremely demanding as the mother seeks to fulfill her obligation to raise godly children see 1 Timothy Children can be a source of tremendous joy and blessing, as well as great frustration, disappointment, and heartache.

John explains the spiritual value of those two characteristics. This is the same quality that should characterize elders Titus , all older men Titus , and, in fact, all believers Titus Common sense and good judgment should improve with age, but they should be evident even in early adulthood.

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Hagnos pure refers primarily to moral purity, and, especially in this context, to sexual purity, marital faithfulness. In a culture that bombards young women with salacious influences and perverse morals, sensibility and purity stand out. In that sense, godly young women exhibit a bold and clear testimony to lives transformed by the Spirit—lives that contradict the immoral values and priorities of their worldly contemporaries.

The greatest pressure on young wives today is the saturation of our culture by the ungodly precepts of radical feminists, who believe that wives being homebound is an egregious form of bondage by males, from which all women need to be freed. They unequivocally insist that women should be as free as men to work outside the home at whatever job and to whatever extent they want. The true female victims today are not women who are willingly bound by love to the Lord, to their husbands, and to their children.

The true victims are rather those women who have been deceived by unbiblical and satanic feminist ideas about being liberated from God and from the home. The home is where a wife can provide the best expressions of love for her husband. It is where she teaches and guides and sets a godly example for her children. It is where she is protected from abusive and immoral relationships with other men and where, especially in our day, she still has greater protection from worldly influences.

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The home is where she has special opportunity to show hospitality and devote herself to other good works. The home is where she can find authentic and satisfying fulfillment, as a Christian and as a woman. In his commentary, John MacArthur explains the various qualities bound up in that simple instruction. They are to be gentle, considerate, amiable, congenial, and sympathetic, even with those who are undeserving and unkind to them. John MacArthur explains how our living testimony effects the credibility of the gospel we preach.

Unbelievers judge the genuineness and value of our faith more by our living than by our theology. In doing so, they judge the truth and power of the Word of God by the way in which we live. The world judges the gospel, which is the heart of the Word of God, by the character of the people who believe and claim to be transformed by it. The positive concern that corresponds to living so as not to dishonor God and His Word, and thereby put a barrier between the unsaved and the gospel, is that of living so as to attract the unsaved to our gracious Lord.

The only platform from which Christians are to so preach and witness is a transformed life marked by godly virtue. The world is watching how we live—perhaps now more than ever. In their eyes, the day-to-day aspects of our lives can build up or tear down the reputation of the gospel. In light of that scrutiny, we need to faithfully live lives that adorn the gospel and display the transforming work of God.

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