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Children encounter rhyming from a very early age. From the lullabies we whisper in their ears from birth, to the nursery rhymes and fabulous books we read them as toddlers, rhymes make up much of what they hear for the first few years! As a young child, they may not be able to repeat the definition if asked, but they will certainly be able to demonstrate rhyme once they have been immersed in rhyming games and activities!

There are many games and activities to do when you start teaching rhyming to children.

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Tip: Start with rhyming one syllable words. Identifying the word ending is made easier with fewer sounds in a word! And there you have a quick, fun lesson on teaching phonics and rhyming! In this reading game find the words that rhyme with 'hill' and add them to Ryan's word box.

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If you like this reading game then you can found another 14 words that rhyme games at Club Roy. Words that Rhyme Games Learn words that rhyme with our games below, there are three to choose from and more versions of these reading game themes on Club Roy. The Bees' Words that Rhyme with Bug Game Play Lesson Plan Get more Printables: flashcard with 'ug' worksheet - write 3 words that rhyme with bug worksheet - write 6 words that rhyme with bug.

How to play. Once the reading game has loaded you will see the introduction screen, read the instructions and then click the start button. All the bees have words behind them. To see the word click, or touch and hold, the bee.

Phonological awareness skills

The word will appear and you'll also be able to drag the bee around the screen. What word have you found? Does it rhyme with bug? If it does then drag the bee and the word to their nest the empty box hanging from the tree. If it doesn't rhyme with bug then let go of the bee and leave it alone! The reading game will detect when the bees' nest is full of words and will then automatically mark the words, checking to see if they rhyme with bug.

Rhyming words wheels

If they do then the flower will grow - well done! If you have found all the words that rhyme then you can move on to find more bees and help the flower grow even more.

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Keep an eye on how many bees you need with the bee scorecard in the bottom right corner. If during play you get an answer wrong then you can click or touch the snail to undo the last answer. To quit the reading game click the home icon and it will bring you back to this page.

Have fun playing the words that rhyme with bug game! Game features. This reading game has animated bees, wrong answer tree snake, animated growing flower, bee scorecard and sound effects. Compatible with. The words that rhyme game can be played on iPads, Android devices, Mac desktop and laptops as-well-as Windows machines.

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Our preferred browser is Chrome but use what is best for you. Belinda's Words that Rhyme with Cat Game Play Lesson Plan Get more Printables: flashcard of cat with label worksheet - write six words that rhyme with cat list of words that rhyme with cat. Allow the reading game to load, once loaded the intro screen will appear.

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Read the instructions and then click start to begin the game. Click, or touch an apple and it will show you the word it is hiding.